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Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in camera phone photos!

 1. Making a "happy birthday" banner for Brayden's birthday. 2. Trying to eat his jumper toys. 3. Beach! 4. Bridge. 5. Stole the plate. 6. Din din.
 1. Breakfast. 2. First Ring Pop. 3. Being cute. 4. Dog bone that Peppy hasn't touched and Brayden is using as a teether.5. Eating squeezable applesauce. 6. Passed out at the Health Department for his WIC appt. 7. Rained out of going swimming with Casey and Beth. 8. Gigi playing with Casey's phone.
 1. Cool clouds. 2. Pie at work. 3. The way Brayden was napping when I got to the mom's.
This was a crazy day hence why there are only three pictures. I had to make an emergency Dr. appt for Brayden. :/ He is having major stomach issues.
 1. Nakey time. 2. Half whole milk/half formula bottle. 3. Busy body. 4. Blurry moon pic.
1. Ugh. Need gas. 2. Hot dog. 3. Sick baby. 4. Watching the Fresh Beat Band. 5. In a daze. He was SO whiny before the Fresh Beat band came on. 6. Me.

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