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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday: So cuteeeee!

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Brayden almost never screams/cries when you put him in his room for bedtime. He does wimper when you say goodnight sometimes though. Haha. Well, he didn't nap today. Usually when that happens he goes to sleep at 8. He wasn't ready. I put him in his room at 9. He cries and bangs on the door. I let him out. He wasn't ready. He walks around, plays, watches some Nick Jr, makes me put his dino shoe on, ya know, the norm. I had the light out in the living room and the tv on. Around 9:20 I said "Goodnight, Brayden. It's almost bed time." He walked down the hall to Rj's game room. 9:40 comes around. I get up from checking my emails to go get him from Rj's game room and put him to bed. He's not there. I was confused. I went into his room. HE WENT IN HIS ROOM AND PUT HIMSELF TO BED. Wow.... I was baffled. I made Rj come look. Rj thought he was in the living room with me. I thought he was in the game room with Rj. He apparently went to Rj's game room when I said goodnight then, went straight to his room after. I am still baffled. He doesn't usually fight bedtime but he is usually not that willing either!

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  1. Just when you think you know what they are up do, they go and do something like that!

  2. A moment of panic, followed by an evening of bliss!

  3. Haha. Pretty much. I just didn't expect him to be in his bed!

  4. Oh wow! What a shocker... I think they do it to us on purpose... To keep us guessing. :)


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