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Monday, March 5, 2018

Hayes-Alan sensory necklace review!

Brayden has ADHD. He is 7 years old. He was diagnosed in 2016. We do suspect he also has autism and possibly a sensory disorder. He is a chewer. He always has been a chewer. He used to chew on his shirts really badly in school. He now mostly chews his nails, skin around his nails, legos, toys, etc. We always try to redirect but it's not foolproof and we can't always be there to stop him from chewing on stuff. 

I received 2 necklaces from Amazon and a company called Hayes-Alan. These sensory necklaces. There are many available on Amazon but these are the best we have found. They are made from non toxic silicone. They are BPA free. Super durable! Brayden is a strong chewer and they really have held up. They don't even look used! They are shaped like lego bricks. They have lego bumps on the front and little bumps on the back. You get a 2 pack on Amazon for $10.99, a red and blue one. You can adjust the length of the necklace and it can easily break away. These are exactly what we have always needed for Brayden!

We highly recommend these for kids with ADHD, autism, sensory disorders, special needs etc. go grab some of these right now!


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