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Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday- Gummy bear baby

This is Brayden 9 months-ish ago when he resembled a gummy bear.

I was so thrilled when Rj and I got pregnant. I woke up early in the morning just so I could take the test in the morning when they say the hormones are the strongest. The test instantly turned positive. I woke up Rj a and told him then, went to work. Later when he woke up he texted to ask me if that happened or if it was a dream. Ha. I went to the health department to confirm the pregnancy. They told me I was 5 weeks pregnant.

This made me a little nervous because I miscarried at 6 weeks before. This time it turns out I had no reason to worry. My ex had a different bloodtype than I do. His is positive and mine is negative. The negative anti-bodies in me destroyed the baby. Rj has the same exact bloodtype as I do.

My pregnancy was fairly easy. I didn't have morning sickness very long. I did, however, faint once... almost twice. My sister and I were at a pawn shop, looking at movies. Suddenly I didn't feel right at all. I told her I thought we needed to go home. I told her I didnt feel right. I started swaying. She said "you're okay!" She held onto my arm and I fell to the ground. I woke up to paramedics. When I wasn't pregnant I really only ate one actual meal a day, After I fainted I ate like I was supposed to and took my prenatals without fail. The rest of my pregnancy was easy. I was perfectly healthy and so was Brayden.

I gained 29 lbs total, all in the stomach. I still didn't think he would be very big. Obviously my 8lb 12 oz baby proved me wrong. I might write someday about my delivery, not sure.

It just hit me a couple days ago that since I had Brayden that means all my pregnant friends that were behind me will start popping out their babies. I'm not sure why this didn't hit me before. I was obviously wrapped up in our little baby. :)

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  1. Your blog post made me go "awwwwww" :) I'm glad things were pretty uneventful for you with your pregnancy. I'd totally like to hear your delivery story. I love hearing about other people's birthing experiences :)

  2. Thank you! Me too! When I hear about rough pregnancies I am so thankful for mine. I am leaning towards most likely writing it. I completely agree. I love reading birth experiences. :)

  3. I've never fainted. I've felt close to it before, but... how scary. How very, very scary. So glad it was nothing serious!

    None of my pregnancies have been uneventful, they've all been full of bumps in the road, but all resulted in beautiful babies.

    He really does look like a little gummy bear, haha.

  4. I've never fainted either (referring to Tia's comment), but my sister did in front of me at a concert. I was SO freaked out that I screamed SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEE. Glad nothing was wrong.

  5. Yeah, I ALMOST did a second time in a Game Stop with my husband. I said outloud "this feels familiar... oh.. uh oh!" I immediately sat on the ground and started eating a cereal bar. LOL. It was very scary. :/

    That's what really matters!

    Haha, definitely. Such stumpy limbs and now he has such long limbs!

  6. That's what my sister did. She screamed "omg, help. Call 911!" Everyone was so nice. They wouldn't let me move. They brought me water, an apple and called the paramedics. Thank you! I'm glad too!


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