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Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby acne cure!

When Brayden was a baby he had baby acne. His doctor said it would go away on it's own. His did go away pretty quickly. Lincoln had baby acne and it just stayed/got worse.

After a week of him having it I decided to do research. Turns out baby acne is a very common thing that happens a few weeks after the birth. It's caused by the left over hormones that the baby received by their mom at the end of pregnancy. Baby acne can also be caused by irritated skin. It's important to keep your baby’s skin clean and away from any fragrant soaps or dyes or harsh cleaning chemicals found in some laundry detergents.

I read online that an easy way to get rid of it is to use a baking soda/water paste. The problem with that though is it dries out your skin. So, I mixed water and baking soda together to make a paste. I put it on his face while he was in the bath. I let it sit while I washed his hair, etc then, I rinsed it off. After the bath, to counteract the drying effect I used a face moisturizer (specifically Nature's Baby Organic's Face and Body moisturizer). After just a day it was fading away and soon enough it was ALL gone!




A few other ways to cure or keep away baby acne:
If breast feeding: Apply breast milk to the acne. Don’t eat any oily foods. Drink fresh fruit juice.

Other ways/preventative methods: Expose your baby to fresh air more often. No oily lotions of any kind  on baby’s face. Make sure all your laundry soap you and your baby use are dye and fragrant free. 1 tsp of honey mixed with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Applied like the baking soda. Keep baby's face clean. Formula on the baby's face can cause a flair up. I believe that's what happened with Lincoln. He tends to turn his head and the nipple will come out and touch his face.

Do you know any other baby acne cures or treatments? Leave a comment on this post!


  1. Nice idea! I've always used coconut oil or breastmilk :) (baby girl is 17 months and still going strong! Even expecting baby brother on 06-1-13) and we've also changed our lifestyle, including our diet and what we put on our bodies. Cute baby!

  2. Wow that is amazing. For my little one breastmilk didn't work. Maybe it was something I was eating though. I will have to see how this works if my next lo has it. Thanks for the post

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