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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Periobital cellulitis is awesome.... not.

(His left eye, your right)

Periobital cellulitis- is an infection of the tissues surrounding the eye. There is generally redness and swelling of the eyelid and the surrounding area.

Since Brayden was born his left eye leaked a tiny bit. The past few days have been worse. It got very red, puffy and crusty. It seriously looked like he had been punched in the eye. Last night close to 9pm Rj, Brayden and I went to the hospital. They were packed. The lady said something about three squads and an out of control patient. It didn't sound good. He spent most of the time in the E.R. curled up asleep on one of us. It was so precious and sad. I wish I had taken a picture. There were quite a few children in the E.R. :( I hate seeing children sick. We talked to a guy and his daughter-in-law who were also waiting. The guy's son accidently hit his German Shepherd with a truck. The guy went to check on the dog. The dog attacked him. His hand was all wrapped and bleeding. :/ The guy had a sense of humor about it at least. We finally got into the back around 12. Around 12:40 he had his meds. The doctor diagnosed it as "periobital cellulitis". He got liquid antibiotics for it. The stuff has to be refridgerated. It's thick and smells like fruit. Lol. He also had little bumps on his face. They called it "baby acne". They said that's not a big deal. It can come from heat, perfume, kisses, etc. It will go away on it's own. He has to take 1ml two times a day for ten days for his eye. They said it will clear the acne too. I really hope it all clears up soon. Our poor kid is only one month old and already on two medications.


  1. Awww poor little thing... Don't worry the baby acne will go... eventually... Max had it when he was about the same age!
    Hope his eye clears up soon :)

  2. Oh this post made me want to cry like, 20 times! Your poor little guy with his eye all puffy in the ER, the guy with the dog who attacked him, all the sick kids... sad sad sad. I hope this all clears up real soon.

    As for the baby acne, Parker had it from about 4 weeks to 2 months. It's super common & nothing to worry about. Your baby's soft perfect skin will be back before you know it!

  3. Awww poor thing! Glad he is going to be okay. We took M to the ER 2 weeks ago for a gumball size knot on his forehead from running into a table. It was at night, and I was scared he would die in his sleep from internal bleeding. He checked out perfect except for the bump. ER's can be scary!

  4. I agree. It was really sad. Especially since the whole time he was curled in a ball and sleeping on one of us with his puffy eye. :(

    Yay! Thank you for the hope!

  5. Omg. :( I'm glad he is okay! I agree. Hospitals already scare me. I don't want my baby there. :/

  6. Oh its so scary when we have to take the babies to the ER. Or even just the doctor. I hate it when they're not happy and healthy. Evelyn had a clogged tear duct for the first month of her life. A few days after she was born, we woke up and her eye was glued shut with yellow crus, and goo was halfway down her face. I freaked. It was constantly sealing shut, and I had to drop breastmilk in it about 10 times a day. I thought it would never heal, but luckily it did.

    I'm glad that you got your little guy in there right away, and that it didn't get worse. I hope that things smooth themselves out, and you don't have any more meds to distribute for the next couple of months. YOu're doing great though, Mama, I hope you know that.

  7. I agree! It was so sad. :( Wow, scary. I'm glad her eye got better. I didn't know breastmilk could do that. That is amazing!

    Me too! Poor kid. Seems like I always have a dropper with some liquid in it.

    Aw, thank you so much! I am trying my best. :)


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