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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spending Thursday with my boys

Today Brayden, Rj and I went to Jacksonville to go to Regency Mall. We ate in the food court when we first got there. Then, we walked around the mall a bunch. We got a hat from Hot Topic that I have wanted forever. Whoo! Then, we ran into one of Rj's friends who is going to tattoo us sometime. I'm going to get Brayden's feet tattooed on the back of my left shoulder (opposite the tattoo for my Nanny). Afterwards we came home for a little but then, went to Walmart to get a few things. Rj called his brother to see if he would watch Brayden. We went to the movies to see "Legend of the Guardians" in 3D. It was amazing! Now I am hanging out at home. Brayden and Rj are at his brothers. :D Great day off with my boys.

LMAO. This morning after one of his feedings.

Part of the Mario costume.

Cutie pie at the mall.

Mad Hatter.

The "Guidette" Jersey Shore Halloween kit. It had a hair with a poof. LOL. This was part of the package. 

LOL. Aw.

My hat!


  1. Awww look at you in your new hat. Love it.
    That Jersey Shore costume is hilarious! I saw like 5 different Lady Gaga costumes at Walmart today. Costumes they come up with are hilarious.

  2. Thank you! :D

    Lmao. That is amazing!


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