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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A totaled vehicle but not a totaled husband

Today, I woke up this morning around 8:30 because Brayden woke up. I texted Rj to ask him if the power had gone out because my alarm clock had reset. He texted back "Not that I know of. I was in an accident. My car is totaled. At my mom's getting her Cavalier". 
Around 7am my husband was in a car accident. WHAT?! Am I the only one on the planet that thinks that text sounded awfully calm as if he were telling me he picked up cheeseburgers from McDonalds. He glanced each way at an intersection. He didn't think anyone was coming so he proceeded. He heard honking and was hit by a Jeep. His car spun out of control. He is okay. He was wearing his seatbelt. He was thrown around so he has scratches and bruises from the belt. I am so thankful those are the only injuries he has. The people in the other car are also okay. Both vehicles are completely totaled. 
I immediately called him and questioned why he didn't call me! He did not call me when it happened. He was not calm. He had already freaked out and broke down. He says he didn't want to worry me or wake me. I told him he better not EVER do that again. Worry me and wake me, please. I want to be by his side. He is my support system. I am his. Come on, Rj, get with the program. After running around with his mom he didn't get home until right before I left for work. He insisted I went to work. I did but I kept checking on him.
My mom saw the car at Rj's mom's shop. My mom told me I should never see it because it will make me break down. She's right. I don't need to know. I will imagine all kinds of things that will make me cry for the rest of my life. I'm already scared enough as it is. 
I am SO glad he is okay. I am also incredibly happy Brayden was not with him. I can not even begin to think about that. My mind can't handle it. :( Thank you for all your facebook and twitter responses. My family is still whole and happy. Thank you to the angel out there that saved my husband.


  1. OMG!!! Phew!!! It would completely freaked me out too! Sometimes my brain thinks about things I really shouldn't.. but you just can't help it.. I was telling Max today over lunch that nothing is allowed to happen to him... EVER because I just love him too much!!
    So So glad ypur man is ok! :)

  2. Me too! That's why I am trying not to. I think I cried more at what could have happened than what did. :/ I know the feeling! Thank you!

  3. so glad to hear that he is ok!! {{hugs!}}


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