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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip to South Carolina!

We have a great trip! We got back from South Carolina last night. Brayden was great on both of the long car rides!

We left Thursday night around 7pm. We left from on I95 on exit 3 in GA. When we got to mile mark 53 I suddenly had to stop. It was the worst traffic jam I have ever been in. We spent two hours there. We did not move AT ALL unless a car went to the side and drove back to an exit that way. Wow. There were even cars going the correct way on the side to skip people. This made me pretty livid. Not only is that illegal but you are a huge asshole if you think you have to go somewhere more than everyone else around you. You should wait like everyone else, Dumbass. A little while into it Rj used his phone to look online and find out what happen. A car accident near Savannah. This was over 50 miles away. From what the internet said a semi hit a car and killed someone. :( 

We finally got to Matt and Marquelle's house around 1am, around 3 hours late. We were SO tired. We talked to Matt, Marquelle and Matt's mom, Eva,  for a little while. Eva bought Brayden some cute outfits and socks. It was SO sweet of her. :) Eva and her husband are amazing for letting us stay there and feeding us.

The reason we went was for Blizzcon. Blizzcon is a convention for Blizzard. They are the company that make World of Warcraft, Diablo and other games. Matt, his parents, Marquelle and Rj all play WoW. I do not. I don't dislike the game. I'm just not really into RPGs. Also, I know my computer wouldn't be good enough for those games. Anyway, we were there to watch it on tv as a group. Blizzcon went from 2pm to midnight Friday and Saturday. It was pretty interesting to me although I didn't understand everything. I asked a lot of questions. Ha. I'm sure they didn't mind because they love talking about WoW. :P I enjoy it. They had a costume contest, a dance contest (each character has a dance) and comedy. Those were my favorite things. The Q&As were pretty interest too.  

Rj went out with Matt and their friend "Nasty". They went to a bar and saw Jackass 3D. They said it was great. Both Marquelle and I had no desire to see it in theaters. I will wait for DVD. I don't want to pay to see balls in my face on a big screen. LOL.

Saturday we went to Rj's grandma's house to visit them. It was brief but good. Then, we went to Taco Bell and headed back to watch more Blizzcon. I would have liked to go more places but oh well. There's always next time! We left around 6:30pm. We had a safe and quick trip home. :D

I took some pictures but not much. I wish I had gotten ones of Eva and Marquelle holding Brayden. They loved him and he loved them. So cute! Here they are (some taken with Rj's phone)-

Baby's first traffic jam.


 Focusing on Blizzcon.

Rj's grandparents.
Rj's uncle.
Sign in Rj's grandparent's neighborhood. Wow....
One of the outfits Eva got him.

The end! 

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