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Monday, November 22, 2010

Manic Monday- My first "Mommy heart attack"

This started out as a normal day. I worked this morning. I stopped by Target after work to buy diapers then, I picked up Brayden from my sister's. I visited a little bit but had to go grocery shopping.. Brayden slept most of the shopping trip after being slightly grumpy at the beginning of shopping. When we got home he got super grumpy. I started taking his clothes off so I could give him a bath. I decided it would be best to feed him first. I laid him on his changing table. This is where it got manic. I went to the kitchen to get a bottle.....

When I came back not even a minute later he had scooted all the way up his changing table...

His head was DANGLING over the edge of the table.. A few more scoots and oh wow, I don't even want to think about it.

He has never done this before! He doesn't ever MOVE, let alone to a dangerous point!

When I saw that I swear a heart or panic attack was in my future. Thank God he is okay. WOW. He is getting changed on the floor from now on!

Onto some pictures! 
(Disclaimer: none of which depicted the dreaded event)

Trying to roll onto his side.
Trying to break out of his straps. Ha.

He has his daddys "tv watching" face.

 Brayden's new socks from the Target $1 bin. ;)

Manic Monday


  1. Yikes! Ugh...I thank my lucky stars I've never had to leave Alexander on the changing table...he's always been wiggly.

    You have a beautiful son!

  2. Glad nothing happened and he is okay. Whew. Cute lil guy there.

  3. PHEW!! So glad everthing was ok!! Cute photos :)
    Love his little socks!!

  4. Brayden has always been wiggly but he just kicked his legs into the air and flung his arms. Never has his moved. LOL.

    Thank you!

  5. Ugh, me too. :( He is never being left anywhere anymore.. not even a few seconds. Thank you! :D Me too. Love Target!


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