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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 years ago today..

I was in a helicopter on my way to the hospital...

Maybe I should back this bus up, huh?

On December 8th of the year 2000 I was 13 years old. I went to Wilkinson Junior High. I had no true friends. I only had friends who only wanted me around sometimes. Oh well. That has nothing to do with this entry. That will be in some entry marked "Jessie's pity party". 

Anyways, I was in 8th grade and I had detention for the first time. I was never an amazing student. I was pretty average. Well, I was late to class so I got detention. It's not like I got in a fight or set a building on fire but my dad sure acted like I did.

He had to take me to detention around 8 something. The entire way to my school he yelled about me getting detention. He yelled that he had to take me to detention. He yelled that I was a bad kid. I was staring at my hands, nervously fumbling with my thumbs

I glanced up and I saw a tan van....

Next thing I know, I hear a woman's voice say "honey, can you see me?" I hear my dad's voice say "she wears glasses, you fucking idiot!" I could not see at all. Everything was black. I say "no". Something was very wrong and I didn't know where I was. Who is this lady? Why can't I see? Why am I laying down?

I passed out. It obviously wasn't the first time. 

I am awake. I still can't see. My dad screams "I will kill you if you put that I.V. in my arm!" I pass out again.

I am awake again. I can see the sky. I am rolling on what I was laying on. I pass out again.

Surprise! Here I am awake again. Now I am absolutely sure I am in a helicopter. So I must have been in an ambulance going to a clear area before. Again, I pass out.

When I awake my dad and I are being taken into the hospital from the roof. We are both taken to a big open area that appears to be the emergency area. There were many different curtains up and doctors running around to each area.

I'm unsure of how long it has been at this point when I see my mom rush into the area. She's hysterical and worried. She told me she saw my dad when she first can in the area. He had a cut from the top left of his head almost to his other eye. She could see his skull. My mom is far more worried about me.

I don't know what has happened yet. All I know is I have the worst possible headache.

They put a neck brace on me, in case I injured my neck. They told me they were taking me to a CATscan machine. On the way to the machine I threw up on the brace, the nurse pushing the bed and passed out yet again.

 I woke up and was put in the CATscan machine. They put a new neck brace on me. This one was too big. I got a third brace. 

My dad had to have his head stitched up. They gave him some pain medication and told him he could go home. Me, however, they brought to a room and informed us that I had to stay over night to be observed.

My mom stayed with me all night long. The nurses even brought me a Super Nintendo to play.

In the morning we were told I was okay and could finally go home.

Now I can tell you what happened.

My dad was driving in one lane. There was a lane next to him going the opposite direction. We were going 60 miles per hour. In the middle of the street, roughly 75 feet, a tan van was doing a U-turn. My dad slammed on his brakes. He even turned the car so if we hit, the van would hit more on his side. We still slammed straight into the side of a tan company van with an idiot driver. 

I am not wearing a seat belt. I hit my head on everything possible in the car.

Our station wagon ended up in someone's yard. The owner of the house was outside mowing his lawn. He was the witness to the insurance company. He told the company he opened my door and my dad yelled at him. He told the guy not to touch me. The guy called 911. That's where this entry began.

My dad went to the junkyard after the accident to take some stuff out of the car. He took a picture with a disposable camera. He took the roll of film to get developed. When he picked up the photos and went through them he noticed something weird. On the picture he took of the crashed car was a faded image of ME. A picture of me had fused with the picture of the car. I look like a ghost on the car.

He also upon examining the car noticed something in the wreckage. A TIRE IRON, ya know, the thing with three holes and one point for tire changing? That was through my seat. If I had been wearing my seat belt it would have pulled me back onto the point, likely killing me instantly.


We both got money from the accident a couple years after it happened. 

They never figured out if anything was wrong with me but I did have headaches for years afterwards..

I didn't get my drivers license until I was 20 years old. I was terrified of driving. You blame me?

It is now ten years later and I still have a bump right in the middle of my forehead. Each expression I make wrinkles my forehead. I still panic a bit while driving. Again.. you blame me?


  1. This gave me chills. I never knew this happened to you! I am so glad that you were okay and that you are still here today. <3

  2. Big anniversary. Hope you are doing alright tonight.

  3. It's amazing with seatbelts. Many in my family have been in car accidents - my uncle may have been the worse. He wore a seatbelt nd it did permanent damage to his stomach.

    Thank gawd you're okay!!! <3

  4. Yep, Chelsea. :/ Thank you! I'm thankful I just have a bump on my head and nothing crazy happened to me.

  5. I agree! Seat belts can either help you or hurt you. It's a toss up. I always wear mine though. Thank you!

  6. Damn girl.. You've been through so much.. <3 I'm so happy you're alive and in one piece!


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