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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

We went to my mom's house and opened presents around 10. We went home then, we went over Rj's dad's house. We stayed a bit then, went to my mom's for dinner. :D The food was amazing and so was the day!


Father in Law's:

Haha. Not a fan yet. ;)

We got many presents that we are beyond grateful for. :) 

(including ones we got each other and Brayden)
Mommy and Daddy: 2 snuggies, Pioneer Woman cookbook, daughter necklace, Nintendo shirt, Awesome Kermit shirt, an Xbox 360, 1 year Xbox Live, Nintendo Wii Mario edition, Mario game, HP laptop, a digital photo keeper keychain, a picture frame that says "ALL BOY" with a picture of Brayden, classic 7qt Crock Pot, 250GB hard drive, Call of Duty: Black Ops, $25 Cracker Barrel card, Mythbusters behind the scenes book, large cutting board, Bissell vacuum, Axe "music" deodorant and spray, 3 body fantasies mists, and $100.

Brayden: 2 onesies, 2 pairs of pants, 8 pairs of socks, Precious Planet jumperoo, Luv U Zoo playmat, VTech crawling ball, Fisher Price sit to stand giraffe, turtle prop and play mat, Leap Frog learning Baby Tad and Buzz Lightyear ride on toy.

We are very thankful for all we got. Thank you, everyone! It was an amazing first Christmas for our little family! :)

For more pictures:


  1. Awe your family is so adorable! :) brayden looked like a happy baby on christmas! expect when he got on the toy ride.. lol im sure hell love it when he gets older!. im glad you and your family had a good christmas i hope you and your family have a good new year! :) - AshesLynne

  2. Thank you! Haha. He was except for when he was on that toy! I bet he will! Thanks. Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. He may not be a fan of that toy story buzz walker and rider, but he will be. M has one and LOVES IT! When he starts to walk, he can hold on to the back of it and push it. :D

    Looks like a nice Christmas!

  4. Looks like a great Christmas! Dustyn loves his Mater toy like that. Too cute.

  5. I saw that bar and thought that would be good when he walks. :)

    We did! :D

  6. Looks like you guys had a great xmas!!! First xmas is such a special time :)

  7. We did! :D I agree. I can't wait till next year though when he is more aware and plays in the boxes. Haha.


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