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Monday, December 13, 2010

Manic Monday- Dual parent heart attack

I worked today from 12pm to 7pm. Rj has the next like 8 days off. Two of those days he will be in Chicago for his brother's boot camp graduation. (Congrats, Devon!) He stayed home with Brayden and I had him take some pictures.

 Someone tell me why I leave my baby with my husband?! 
He thinks this will be a great new Facebook picture...

Here's the manic part. I came home. I started making dinner and Rj fed Brayden a little. He then laid Brayden down on his playmat. Rj starts showing me the pictures he took today. We hear choking suddenly and we look down at the playmat. Formula has come out his nose and mouth. He flinging his legs around because he choking. He is bright red. I pick him up as quickly as possible. We face him down, pat his back and wipe off the formula. He is okay. Oh my god though. That was frightening. :(

He has formula under his nose in this pic. 

Manic Monday


  1. Aww looks like he had a great day with his daddy (minus the vodka... hmmm men!! ha ha ha)

    Max choked on a peoce of foam once... it scared the crap out of me! So glad Brayden is ok :)

  2. I've had the formula disaster also! :(

    While the Vodka is a bit of a no-no at least Daddy was spending some time with him! Love the little gamer photos :)

  3. Hahaha. I agree. Men..

    Gah, that would scare me too. :/ Me too! Thank you!

  4. Gah. Scary. :(

    Haha, agreed. Thank you!

  5. Oh wow! That would be totally scary. Good job on acting fast and smart!

  6. oh man, that would FREAK ME out. parker's gagged a bit like that too though... good job for not panicking & getting through it!

  7. Great pictures! :) I can't believe how big he is getting! ADORABLE! :)

  8. These pictures really made me laugh. My partner is taking the second half of our parental leave (we live in Canada so get a year) and I can totally see him doing some of the same stuff with Kale (especially video games).

  9. It was! It's definitely true that mothers has instinct. Without even thinking I acted. Thank you!

  10. It did! My husband actually got teary eyed because it scared him so much. :/ Thank you! I tried to act then when it was over I freaked out that it happened. LOL.

  11. Thank you! He is definitely growing super fast. He is so much bigger than other babies his age. :X

  12. Wow, you get leave like that in Canada? That's awesome. Haha. Rj thinks it's hilarious to make him look like he's gaming.


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