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Friday, December 3, 2010

People make me sick.

CHARLESTON, S.C. - An 18-month-old South Carolina boy is in critical condition after authorities say he was hanged by his ankles in a closet and repeatedly beaten by three teenagers.

Multiple media outlets report that the three teens, ages 14, 15 and 16, are accused of abusing Louis Wright of Charleston. The child's mother, Shakera Wright, has also been charged with allowing the beating to occur.
Police were called to a hospital Tuesday when the mother brought Louis in with face swelling, fractured ribs, bruises and lacerations to his spleen, liver and pancreas.
She told a social worker the teens "play-wrestled" with the boy Monday. She said they hit her son until she told them to stop.
Arrest warrants say the oldest teen admitted the abuse, calling it wrestling.

First off, this is why I don't read the news. It all seems to be about the twisted people in this world and all the twisted things they do. 

If I wanted to cry everyday I would read or watch the news.

This act is absolutely disgusting. Three teenagers thought it was normal and okay to beat a toddler. I can not even fathom how that is possible. He has been alive for a year and a half! No one has the right to hurt a child like that. No one beat them like that when they were tiny little guys!

This just throws so many questions into my mind. Why did they do it? Why are three teens on the same page when it comes to wanting to hurt a baby/child? Why did not one of them go "hey, this is wrong?" Why didn't anyone try to stop them? Where were the parents when this was going on?! I guess the update shows the mother allowed it. Sick.

My husband is from Charleston. We have gone there quite a few times. It makes me sick to picture that happening there.

I can not even bear the thought of something like that happening to Brayden. 
I will get hysterical if I think about it too hard.
Let's just say.. I would KILL someone if they harmed my baby boy.

I am keeping this little boy in my thoughts and hope he pulls through. I hope the teenagers get the worst possible punishment. I hope the other prisoners know what they did and beat them. You will get yours, teens.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is awful!!! Awful actually doesn't even describe it. SO disgusting! And I completely agree wtih your point...how do 3 teenagers all this that is okay?!?!?!?! I watch enough "jail shows" to know that inmates hate no one more then other inmates who have hurt children. I hope these teenagers get what they have coming to them! AWFUL!!!

  2. OMG that is so so so upsetting!! Poor poor little thing.. I just can't even begin to imagine what he went through! There are some pretty horrible people out there!!
    I too can't watch the news as things just upset me too much... it just kills me that people can do such terrible things to someone else, especially to children and animals who can defend themselves!!!
    It does make me think why did those teenages think it was ok to do that too... what sort of lives do they have... I kind of feel sorry for them that they are that way but it doesn't excuse what they have done!
    I really reallyhope the little boy will be ok...

  3. I agree! I hope they get put right in the middle of all the inmates that know what they did!

  4. That poor baby is only 2 months younger then my M. I can not even imagine it. I can only think that maybe those boys have grown up to violence to learn it like that. Completely disgusting. There are some people out there who are not meant to parent, who do not care, and who do not have that special love that we have for our sons. It's sad. Bad things like this happen. I am just glad that bad things like this don't happen around me because I would not tolerate it. And let me clarify around me... my family. I don't know what is going on two blocks over behind closed doors,so I'm just referring to the people I chose to associate with.
    I hope that poor baby makes it.
    Sorry I had to pause and I was just trying to picture what these boys saw, and how could they not feel any sorrow or regret after one punch is beyond me. Okay I have to stop thinking about this. :(!!!!

  5. That is ridiculous. Those sick freaks shouldn't have babies. :/

    I agree!

    I completely understand. :/


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