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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care~

I got a letter in the mail today. 
Yes, I know it's Sunday. I forgot to check it yesterday. Whatever. I was busy, k? Hah.
Anyways, as soon as I saw "THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF MOTHER AND CHILD CARE PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI 53158-9912" I aloud to my dog (yes, my dog) said what the fuck is this? Well, for some reason she didn't have an answer so I opened the letter.

*All bold was bold in the letter*
"Dear Jessica Carvalho

I am writing you to ask for your help with an important survey conducted but the Research Institute of Mother and Child Care. Our institute has conducted surveys regarding feeding methods and products related to infants for over fifty years. The results help us understand current trends and suggest improvements to the products, services and programs available to all infants.

You are apart of a small group of parents randomly selected to participate from around the country. Please be assured we will not sell your name to anyone. And since we combine your responses with other parents, your answers will remain confidential.

The survey is easy and will only take a few minutes to complete. The questions apply to the youngest infant in your home, regardless of whether you breastfeed or use formula. Most questions can be answered by just marking the appropriate box with an 'X', or by filling in the appropriate space.

We value your experience as a parent. I hope you will take a few moms to complete and return this survey in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. With your input, our research regarded infant feeding with be as complete, accurate and useful as possible.

Thank you and best wishes to you and your baby.

Sincerly, Brigitte Geire
Research Durector

P.S. TO help with our research, please return your completed questionnaire by December 31, 2010"

Fifty years about feeding methods? Where were they when so many older people told me they fed their babies real food at one month old because the formula caused malnutrition? 

Also, my friend Tiffany, who lives near me, has a son about 2 weeks younger than Brayden. She also got one. We were obviously randomly selected. ;) I see them sending this letter to everyone who just had a baby. 

Why is it only confidential because it would be blended with other answers? Why does it matter? What are they going to get you in trouble for how much or what you feed your baby?

Onto the survey....
I was so extremely curious after reading the letter..

"A. Today's date:
B. Age of your youngest baby:
C. Youngest baby's birth date:
D. Youngest baby's expected due date
E. Youngest baby's weight at birth? Less than 5lbs 9oz. 5lbs 9oz-8lbs 8oz. Over 8lbs 8oz.
F. Was your youngest baby is NICU at the hospital: Yes or no
G. Youngest baby was: Single birth, Twin, Triplet, Quadruplet or more


1. Please check the milk(s) your youngest baby (WOW, NOT BOLD?) was fed at the following time frames. CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.
In the hospital, 1st purchased for home use, in the last 30 days, most often in the last week
Breast milk:  
Enfamil (lists all types)
Good start (lists all types)
Parent's Choice (lists all types)
Similac (lists all types) 
Store brand (lists all types)
Cow's milk (whole, 2%, skim)

2. Has your youngest baby ever been fed formula? yes or no
2a. How old was your youngest baby when formula was first fed?
2b. What was the FIRST BRAND your youngest baby was fed?
2c. Please check who made the decision to use the FIRST BRAND of formula your youngest baby was fed: myself, doctor, choices given by doctor, nurse, nurse at doctor's office, friend/relative, wic, other
2d. Did the doctor and/or nurse recommend the formula you used in the hospital? doctor, nurse, no
2e. Did the doctor and/or nurse recommend the formula you currently use? Doctor, nurse, no
3. If your youngest baby was fed formula YESTERDAY, please indicate number of times formula was fed and average number of ounces in each feeding for each method listed:
Bottle, cup, mixed with cereal
4. Please check the brands of free formula samples you received and where you received them. 
Brands listed
(check them)
Before baby was born: Dr office, in mail, other
From hospital
After baby was born: Dr, mail other 
5. Please check whether you received any mail or email from any of the following baby clubs.
Good start Start healthy, stay healthy, Enfamil Family Beginnings, Similac Strong Moms
6. If you have used formula in the PAST MONTH, please check where you MOST OFTEN shop for formula:
(stores listed)
7. Please check what type of formula you purchase MOST OFTEN:
Powder under 20oz, powder over 20oz, powder large tub, powder box, liquid concentrate, ready to feed
8. What is the ZIP code of your youngest baby's doctor's office?
9. Since the birth of your youngest baby, have you or your youngest baby participated in government supplement food programs for wic?
9a. Is your youngest baby currently participating in wic?
9b. For your youngest baby in the LAST MONTH:
How many cans did wic purchase? How many did you purchase?
9c. If you purchased cans yourself what BRAND?
9d. If you purchased what FORM?
powder under 20oz, powder over 20oz, powder large tub. liquid concentrate, ready to feed
10. In total (including your youngest baby), how many children do you have? 1, 2 or more
11. Please check your age group:
under 20, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40 and over
12. Please check the highest level of education received:
Elementary, high school, college
13. Are you currently employed? Full, part, no 
I work outside the home, from home
14. Which one of these groups best describes your racial background: 
(lists them)
If you are willing to participate in a follow-up provide phone number and email."

I understand them trying to make stuff better but how will this really help? They won't change the formula because of it... What will they really be able to do with this info? Also, if this survey is regardless of whether your baby breast feeds or formula feeds then why don't they ask any questions about breast feeding? They said it was a survey about feeding methods. Whatever. I doubt I will fill it out. Any thoughts?


  1. woooow... people now-a-days.. I never got a survey like that haha.. but.. Haiden's 2 now.. Thats kind of creepy..

  2. Haha, seriously. I don't see why they care. It's my bb!

  3. This page explains it better....


    It's from the wonderful makers of Similac trying to squeeze you for information to push formula.

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