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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cut or not to cut?

This is a casual conversation I had with my husband recently.

Him: So, when are you going to cut all your hair off and dye it red and black again?
Me: Wait.. what? You liked that? (He never saw it. It was in high school. He has just seen pictures.)
Him: Yeah, it was sexy.
Me: But it took me soooo long to grow this.
Him: It's just hair. It'll grow back. 

Says the guy that didn't spend five years growing his hair.....

The facts:
I love having short hair.
My hair is very damaged from pregnancy and putting my hair up for work.
Half my hair is actually above my neck due to the damage.
I have been really wanting a change lately.
I hate brushing my hair and I never had to, really, when I had short hair.
Even when I brush my hair it looks like crap because of the shorter hair.
I hate putting it up.
My son pulls my hair OUT OF MY HEAD constantly...
I look better with long hair.. especially at the weight I am at.
It took me SO long to grow my hair out this long.
It feels like wasted time to just cut it all off.
I think I will definitely have to lose weight in order to not look like a cow.
I fear it just looking bad and me being upset for a long time.
Eventually I will grow it back out and I hate the awkward stage SO much.

Here is that time period:
The exact hair but a crappy picture of a picture. It seems to be everyone's favorite picture of me yet I lost the online copy. :/

Here is recently:

See? I hate brushing it!

Ideas? Opinions?


  1. I actually really like it longer....although from your post it sounds like you want it short. Hmmm...

  2. I'm very tore. I honestly would rather it be shorter. If I knew I would love it I would do it right now but meh. :/

  3. The damage is what really bothers me. You can't tell from these pictures but pieces just like stick off my head. :/


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