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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleeping on his tummy?

So, Rj took Brayden to the doctor yesterday to see if he had an ear infection (he doesn't). One of the many things the doctor told him was "do not let him sleep on his stomach". LET HIM? He flips himself over. I don't flip him myself. If you do stand there and flip him back over he just turns back onto his stomach immediately. I do not want to stay up all night watching him. I do put him in his swing when he is breathing a little heavy. In fact, he slept there last night. He can flip from back to stomach very easily. He has never flipped from stomach to back. During the day he flips to his stomach then, after a while he buries his face in whatever he is on and cries. He has mastered turning his head to the side and lifting it but still screams when he has been on his tummy for a while. The doctor also told Rj that a patient of his recently died on their stomach in a crib. :( Any advice on what to do?

(Taken a few minutes ago. Yes, he fell asleep in regular clothes tonight.)

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  1. Honestly, your doctor HAS to tell you not to let your baby sleep on his stomach. It's what the AAP, so it's what your doctor is going to say.
    My advice? Don't worry about it. Kale started sleeping on his stomach at 3 months - it was the ONLY way he'd sleep. Since he could easily lift his head and turn it (which I'm sure Brayden can do), I didn't worry. And when I stopped worrying, we all slept better.
    Also - you have NO IDEA the circumstances that were involved with the other patients baby who died. There could have been too many blankets and pillows, they could have been sleeping beside a smoker, etc. Don't let your doctor use scare tactics to make you question your parenting. It sounds like you're doing the right thing by putting Brayden in his swing when he's breathy heavy, and it's clear from the picture above that he has a safe and clean sleep environment.
    Listen to your intuition.

  2. Ohhhh, I did not know that. Well, he and the AAP should know you can't force the baby on their back. The wedge things got recalled. No thanks. LOL.

    Yes, he can turn his head and lift himself up a little. :)

    I agree! He has nothing in his crib.

    Thank you so much! You have made me feel a lot better. I am trying to trust myself but in the back of my mind I still question.

  3. The interesting thing is that when we were all babies, the doctors told our parents to sleep us on our tummies. And now... it's a bad thing.
    I agree with the person above that said not to worry about it. Honestly, they "warn" against so many things these days, and although it's well intentioned... it's not NECESSARY. I think he'll be fine on his tummy. You can't control what he does in his sleep.
    Follow your heart, and do what you feel is best!

  4. Agreed! My siblings and I all slept on our bellies. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for posting this. My first is due in July, and this is one of the things I worry about. I plan to get a Snuza Go monitor to make sure, but it still makes me nervous. It does seem like if he can flip over himself, then he should be able to flip back if he gets uncomfortable or has any difficulties.


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