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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun day with my boys

Pretty hectic yet good day with Brayden and Rj. 

Around 1pm we had a WIC appointment for Brayden. His growth has severely changed. Since birth he has been 95 percentile for weight every time and 90 percentile for height. Well, now he is 90 percentile for weight and 50 percentile for height. We heard that and went "uhm.... what? Seriously?" He is 20 pounds and 3 ounces. He is a little above 26 1/2 inches. Oi. :( We can't get milk, etc anymore because I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. They had to handwrite us a month of vouchers because their machine broke so I have to go back next month to get the next two months. 

Then, we headed to Jacksonville to go to the mall. We ate in  the food court. Rj fed Brayden applesauce, dropped the jar, drenching Brayden, the ground and I in applesauce. Oi. Luckily it just got on his face and bib but wow... We got a game for Rj from GameStop, a bra for me from Hottopic, a toy for Brayden from Hottopic (he played with it and cried when we tried to take it away. Haha.) and we got two onesies for Brayden from Spencers. One says "Too cute to play with your ugly ass kid" and the other says "hung like Daddy (small and cute as a button)". Haha. We also wanted to get the one that says "I heart Mommy (even though she's a bitch)" but they only had small sizes. 

We also played Lunar (glow in the dark) mini golf. That was fun. :) 

I took quite a bit of pictures today and then realized the card was not in my camera. I don't have a cord so I have pictures trapped on my camera. Aw. :( We are buying one off amazon. We checked stores already. 

Then, we came home, ate, and etc etc. Rj bought me a ceramic kitchen knife. He's so thoughtful. :D

Luckily, Brayden napped three times today and is very well rested. It's 9pm and he is awake though. Haha.

I got Photoshop CS5 and lots of actions. :D

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