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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bath time fun.

Okay, first you get a sad story then, cute pictures. A couple weeks ago I turned the water on in the bathroom and left the room to get Brayden, get him undressed, etc. Well, I came back and the water was higher than I normally have it. I usually put about 2 inches of water. This was at least 6 inches of water. I thought "no big deal. He sits up and doesn't lay down." 

Uhm... big mistake. I sat him in the bath and put soap on him. I usually clean him then, let him play. The water level completely confused him and he leaned towards the water to look at it. He fell under the water. I picked him up quickly but he had soap all over him so he slipped back in. :( I got him out very quickly but of course, it was too late. He was panicking then, Rj came in because he heard Brayden screaming. He got in the bath with Brayden and he calmed down. 

I felt SO bad. I cried because I felt like a horrible mom. :/ 

Anyway, to the current point, every time I have given him a bath since he has cried the whole time. He has a few duckies in his bath but that's it. Tonight I remembered I had some foam bath letters and hoped that would make him happy during his bath. He was perfectly happy and playful. He whined a tiny bit when I washed his hair because he hates water on him face. He even hates his face being touched except for kisses. He calmed down right after I quit touching his face and was very happy. 

Here are some cute pictures!
Lots of weird angles because of where I was sitting next to the tub. Can't get anywhere else because the toilet.

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  1. Miya has foam letters kinda like that but I think they are a little smaller. Anyways I like to stick them on her when she's in the tub and see how long they stay on. If you stick them on her back like kinda between her shoulder blades she can't reach it and one time she kept trying to get it and she couldn't reach it and she stood up thinking I guess that it would make her arms longer so she could get it. It was hilarious I laughed so hard. I'm a bad Aunt. Lol.

  2. Don't feel bad - this totally happened to us too! Actually, Kris and I were always nervous about dunking Kale at the pool, despite the fact that every other kid out there was doing it no problem. So we decided to dunk him in the tub. Seriously - bad idea. For weeks after he was ok in the tub, but would freak if we tried to tilt him back to wash the soap off or shampoo out of his hair. Eventually he got over it (and is totally fine with being dunked at the pool!).

  3. Thank you! That helps! Yeah, he like panicked when I tried to wash his hair. :/


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