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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dana's baby shower!

Today, my mom, sister, Brayden and I went to Green Cove Springs to go to my cousin Dana's baby shower. Her baby's name is Kayden. Brayden was really sleepy. There were a few grumpy little ones. :X Aw. Other than that it was pretty fun. I took a ton of photos per usual. So, here we go!
 Cassie, Sammy (my cousins) and of course, Brayden. Candy bar in the diaper game.

 My Uncle Arnold competing to see who can drink the most bottle in 1 minute. He got 1/2 an ounce and won. Haha.
 This game you had to be in partners and only use your outside arm to completely dress the baby doll. This is my Aunt Laurie and Dana, the mommy, of course.
 Becca, Cassie's daughter.
 My sister and Cassie won!

 My momma.

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