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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our new baby!

Rj crashed his Civic in October. He bought a car that ended up not having the title so he got the money back. He's been driving his mom's car but needed a permanent one. We checked through craigslist and called some people. No winners. Then, we went to a car dealership. Wow, what an experience that was. The guy kept calling Rj "buddy". He wouldn't even acknowledge me except for when he was talking to Brayden. He even asked me if Brayden could have a sucker... He also kept trying to convince us to buy a van that was 10k and 10 years old.. Anyways, that was a bust. So, we went to Rj's mom who usually has cars she is selling and BAM! She had a van. It needs a new motor mount and oil change which is getting done tomorrow. I love it. It's so roomy. I wanted a van for that reason. So, I am driving the van and Rj is driving my Maxima... err.. his new Maxima. ;) Here are pictures of our new baby (1999 Ford Windstar)!

 Our vehicle babies.
 I see me missing a hubcap. LOL.

LOL. He tasted a little off the edge of the can.

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