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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bath time advice?

Brayden is almost 8 months old. He has always been okay in the bath. The past couple months he actually played in the bath. He has plenty of toys, the water isn't cold or hot and I am right by his side. 

The past like 7 times I have bathed him he wouldn't stop crying. He crawls now so he gets on his knees and holds onto the side of the tub, screaming. OI. Two days ago I gave him a bath and he stood, holding onto me like a hug while screaming. It was so sad. :(

Well, he likes pools now. He has floats that he sits/plays in. SO, getting to the point, I'm wondering if I buy one of those blow up bath tubs if it will help. We've all seen them, right? Okay, well, I've only seen the blow up duck tub but you know what I mean. Advice?

Here are some cute Brayden pics from today thus far.
 Drinking a YoBaby peach yogurt drink for the first time. He loved it!

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  1. Every kid is different.. but we tried the duck pool and it terrified Isaac. It was so bad. When he got to the standing age, we switched to the full tub. He stool through his baths for a couple of months. He's back to sitting now for the most part but we had to invest in 'cooler' tub toys first. I hope that helps!

  2. He cried in the duck tub too. :/ He just whined the whole bath. I guess I am just going to have wait it out. :(


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