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Monday, April 25, 2011


SOOOO many pictures. I'm going to try to just post the absolute best. Haha.

 Biscuit for Rj's biscuits and sausage gravy. I also cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and pancake for Brayden and I.
 He ate the bunny. I ate the flower and the rest of the scraps. HAHA.
 First pancakes!

 Didn't brush my hair yet obviously.
 Before we left to Rj's mom's.
 Bobbie (Rj's mom), Jon (Bobbie's hubs) and Jackson (Brayden's only cousin).

No idea why I resized this smaller than the rest. Wtf.

 These are his kisses. He will kiss your cheek with his mouth open and tongue out.

Aunt Erica helping Brayden find an Easter egg.

 His egg is like floating on his arm...


Cory, Rj's dad.

Rj and his 3 sisters (Cortni, Cassandra and Erica). He also has a brother (Devon) but he is in the Navy at school right now.
 I look horrible but at least they are cute.
Mine, Kristy and Rj's egg decor.

 He got some dye on his lip and it looked like he was wearing lipstick.

 On the dog bed. Haha.
Jeannie. Mom's gf.

OOOOO, chocolate!

So, we had two ham dinners, lots of family and food. Brayden got two stuffed bunnies, a bunny Pillow Pet, stacking rings, a book, two chocolate bunnies and a TON of plastic eggs. He tried chocolate, pancakes, roll and green beans, which he loved though he hates green bean baby food. :) 

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