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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday- Growing up so much

I have been really slacking on posting. On the 10th I meant to post that I have been dieting for 1 month and lost 15 pounds. I'm really excited about it although I don't think it's apparent enough. Meh. Going to take a one week break then back to the diet.

Yesterday my mom and sister came over to swim with Brayden and I. He did much better this time. He actually enjoyed swimming.

He has been crawling all over the house now. I also think he going to pull up very soon. He can already scoot off the couch by himself. He is grabbing stuff and getting up onto his knees. There are pictures below.

Sorry the lower ones are grainy. Camera was on the wrong setting. :/

 Aunt Kristy.

 Grandma. :)

 Chewing on a french fry.
 He did not eat it and we didn't expect him to. It's just a funny picture. He licked it.
 He got cheese on his mouth from licking the burger.
 Pump for his baby float.

 The air scared him.
 Then, made him laugh. Aw, cut his eye off. :/

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