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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite photos of 2011/recap! (TONS OF PHOTOS)

Brayden was a little blob still when 2011 began and he has grown into a crazy, happy, energetic little toddler. He gets more amazing with each day. We just love him so much. Onto our year recap in photo form (faves)!

I'm not linking to old posts. Sorry.
Thank god, I got a new camera. Some of these pictures are REALLY bad.


 We celebrated my birthday!
 He started teething at 4 months old.

 He also started baby food. He was pretty chunky and would get stuck in his Bumbo. ;)
 He could roll onto his belly but not off. For a whole month he would scream super loud in his crib because he couldn't get off his belly. He slept in his swing quite a few times in January.
 Bottle fail.
 Look at dat bewwy. Awwwww.

 Learning to sit for longer. He sat up the first time in December.

 Cabbage Patch Kid.

 He leaned over and grabbed this off the coffee table when I was in the kitchen and I came back to this. LOL.
 When he discovered my phone and he never left it alone after that.


 Our one year wedding anniversary.
 First time in a highchair at Moon River.

 His rocking car. :)

 Valentine's. :)


 First time he actually "made" me buy him something. My sister let him play with this at Dollar Tree. He got hysterical when we tried to put it down. LOL. It stayed blown up for months.
First time riding the present my FIL had gotten him for Christmas.

 Trying sippy cups and failing. He always tried to lay down with them.
Harper, Diana and Cassie came to visit!

 Rolling everywhere into everything.

 He could finally almost reach his feet. His arms were too short and body was too long. LOL.

 Mommy, Daddy, doggy and baby went to the waterfront to hang out. :)

 We bought a van. We sold it and got his KIA a few months later.
 Rolled under his crib.
We went to Elizabeth's first birthday party. He loved the balloons.

 We went to the park. :)

First time in a playground swing.
 First tooth!

 Banana in a masher.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Rj's birthday. :)
 He started getting in the crawling position and rocking back and forth. 6 months old.
 Brayden swiped some cake.
 Tasting cake for the first time.

 We (Brayden, Mom, Kristy and I) went to my cousin Dana's baby shower.

 He loved baths in March.

 Second tooth came right after the first (6 months old)
 Yogurt became his favorite food.

 Family Funday Sunday at my FIL's.
 First time eating crackers. He still loves crackers, any type but especially Ritz.
 Aunt Cassandra.

 Getting up in a crawling position and reaching for stuff. Still no crawling.
 Trying to get up to a sitting position.
 First yogurt bites and he began wearing cloth diapers.
 We went to see Amber and Emma. :)
 Elf baby.

 He flipped his mat over. LOL.
 Easter photos!

 He started crawling!

 This month the "rocking" feature came off of this because he tipped it sideways.

 Rubberband ankles. LOL.
Fell asleep.
 First time in the pool. He was unsure at first but eventually he absolutely loved pools.

 Grandma and Kristy came over to swim. :)

 Discovered my computer and never left it alone after that.
 Yogurt drinks.
 Sweet notes from my amazing hubby.
 Waffle House.

 This is the month Rj broke his foot at work.

 Erica, one of my SIL's came for Easter. :)

 Bunny biscuit.
 Easter pancakes. :) His first pancakes!

 Kristy and I's eggs.
 He STILL loves that bus.
 First chocolate!

 Working on my mom and my MIL's Mother's Day presents. :)
 This month he HATED baths. He screamed with every bath for a solid month. UGH.
 Daddy went out of town and Brayden started pulling up! (8 months)

 Mommy and baby went for a walk.
 Brayden and I flew to Maryland! Our first plane ride. We went to visit my friend Aly. :) This is Tyler. He is 1 month older than Brayden. They had the same due date but Tyler was born a little early.

 Museum. :)
 Bigger than a two year neanderthal? ;)
Pulling up on EVERYTHING.

 Lily. :)

 Zoo. :)
 He didn't like Cotton Candy
 Lily loved it.

 Aly. :) We stayed there a week before we flew back. Rj, Brayden and I are going to try to go again in 2012.
 First haircut!
Playing on his slide!
Still getting used to grass. Ha.

 Mother's Day!
 What my mom got me. :D

 Picnic with Grandma and Jeannie. :)
 Dirt. Ew.

At Sadie and Carter's birthday. This is Ashley right before her family moved to CA. :/
 His first lolly.

Stories with Grandma.

Rj, B and I went to the mall. This is how to distract a baby while you go through Tshirts. ;)
The mall play area.

 This bucket was for his birthday party. He loved playing in it.

 He did this A LOT.
 Cutting his own cast off 2 days before it was getting taken off. OI. He wanted to go on the slide at a party at my FIL's house.

 Brayden's step uncle, Jonathon.

 Rj's stepfather and Caitie, my SIL's girlfriend.

He discovered feeding Peppy.

 Toast at Waffle House.
 Hanging out with Ashley and Haiden. :)
 This is around the time he started loving baths again.

Taco Bell.
 Discovered the fridge and still loves pulling stuff out of there.


 My view when I had the van.

 Gimme your camera!
 Learning to throw awesome tantrums.
 First chocolate chip cookie.
 My brother spent the night and mid day he just passed out with Peppy.

 Another slide party at my FIL's. (Caitie's bday)

 Father's day!

 Mall again. :)
 I met Casey, another blogger, and her family. We are no longer friends but I miss her and her family. Everything happens for a reason though. It's okay that we are no longer friends. I wish her the best.

 Hotdogs became his favorite food. ;)
 When he would still wear a hat. Now he puts them on for "play".

Brynna. This is Beth's daughter. I met Beth through Casey and we are still friends. She is really amazing. I'm really thankful she's my friend.

 My mom's gf, Jeannie's, birthday!

 This is when he became very adventurous. He is constantly trying to stand up in shopping carts, strollers, etc.
 Gigi, Casey's daughter's, birthday.


 Party at Rj's friend's house. :)

 Park with Brynna, Beth, Gigi and Casey.

 Another party at my FIL's. :)
Gigi put ketchup on her own hotdog for the first time. LOL.

 Moon River!

 First time at the beach!

 Fishing in my MIL's front yard. Haha.

 Braylee and Brayden. :)
 MIL's birthday! The candles were backwards. ;)

 I thought he was eating and looked over to see this. LOL.

 3rd, 4th and 5th teeth came in this month (11 months old).
Learning to brush his teeth. He is so funny when he brushes his teeth. Sometimes he moves his head and not the brush. Haha.

 BIL and SIL's house. :)

 He got one more tooth. (8 teeth. That's the same amount he still has.)

 First ring pop.
 First squeeze pouch.

 Stupid gel icing tube. Sorry again, Mom.

 Playing with a paci he found. He never kept them in his mouth. He doesn't know what they're for. LOL.
 He stole my lolly.
 Got him a zoo pass for his birthday!
 First shaved ice.
 What's up, kitty.

Standing for a long period of time for the first time the day before his birthday. He walked the day after his birthday.
 His birthday!

 My brother gave him his Woody doll from when he was a kid and Toy Story.

 Homemade frozen chocolate covered banana.



 He kicked the bottle a week after turning one. He only uses straw cups because he does not understand regular sippy cups.

 Aly (my best friend) came to visit!

 Everyone was singing and dancing. Brayden was joining in!

Olive Garden with Aly and her family. :)

Beach again!

Rj, Brayden and I went to McDonald's with Aly, Tyler and Lily.

Aly and I hung out before she left. We ate at Cafe Karabu in Fernandina. So good!
Aly's last day before going back to Maryland.
Erica and Jackson came to visit. :)
All his teeth were fully out this month.


 Being outside became his favorite thing.

 Brayden switched to a toddler bed.

 Momma had to cook. Baby wouldn't behave. Baby in the sink=entertainment.


 He started wanting to wear everything. Hats, shoes, mittens, etc. He makes you put them on him then, he removes them like a minute later unless it's slippers or something.

 Our new place we moved into in October! :)

 Found him this at Goodwill. :)

 He started using objects to climb onto other stuff. Now he can get on chairs without standing on anything. He pulls his body up onto any chair.

 We went to South Carolina for BlizzCon. (We watch it with Rj's best friends.)

 Halloween Horror Nights. I got WAYYYYYYYYYYY too dizzy that night. Ugh. Dizzy thinking about it.



 Enjoying his new backyard.

Coloring with chalk for the first time.

 We won cake pops from a local company. :)
 We put up our tree. :)
 We started doing giveaways and reviews on our blog!

 Spoon learning.
 Arby's free fries day.

 I took his Christmas pictures that were on our Christmas card. :)

 Gauge's birthday!

 Bad teething day.


 He started put clothes on his head like he was wearing them. LOL.

 Brayden learned to drive.. LOL. Kidddingggg!


 I took some photos of this cutie.
 We went to Bonzai to celebrate Devon's birthday.

 Rj was out of town due to his grandpa passing away. His cousin's boyfriend also passed away the week before. While he was gone Kristy and I went to Christmas in the Park.

 Wearing Kristy's shirt. He was so proud. LOL.
 My brother's birthday!

 Coloring with crayons for the first time.

 We made crayons!
 We went to Caspian and Sebastian's birthday party!

 We went to Moon River, a inflatable play area in Fernandina then, ice cream with Ashley and Rayce. :)

 Hide and seek/peek a boo.

 Brayden helped me clean. ;)
 We got a kitty named Jack.

 Family Funday Sunday.

 Christmas Eve.

 Christmas Day. Waking themselves up!

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