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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally, our Christmas post!

Oh man, I took around 220 pictures. There was a lot of editing involved! We had an amazing Christmas. We got a ton of presents, ate a lot of food, had a lot of laughs and just enjoyed being with our families. We went to my MIL's for Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we went to my FIL's, came home to open Brayden's presents here, went to my mom's to open gifts then, we split off to eat Christmas dinner. Brayden and I went to my mom's and Rj went to his dad's. It was a great day!

Some of the things Brayden received- a few Little People toys, a toy box, Mega Bloks, Mega Bloks farm, clothes, Shen the Panda, Zulu the Zebra blanket pet, Mickey Mouse rocket, basketball hoop, $50 giftcard (we are getting him a sandbox), Peek-A-Boo teddy bear, toolbox, 6 Disney movies and much more. He loves his presents! I got him some Buzz Lightyear slippers that light up from Goodwill. He has not stopped wearing them. It's so cute.

Rj and I got video games, a vacuum, waffle iron, picture frames, shirts, sheet/cake pans and much more. Thank you for everything and everyone and thank you for spending the holidays with us! :D

Here are some of our favorites photos (the rest can be seen on my facebook):

 Helping me make 7 layer peppermint bark. :)
 Taking a nap at my MIL's.
 Singing to Brayden. Haha.
 My MIL's present. ;)

 He was really excited about presents. LOL.

 Our tree. :)

 The book basket I made him. :D
 At my FIL's. He's throwing toys in the pool.
 Waking them selves up at 7am. ;)


 Crumpled money. Apparently one person gets it each year. LOL.

 Someone just so happened to get Mindy this robe..
 and we got Cory (my fil) these boxers. LOL.
 Skyrim Colletor's edition.

 Uncle Devon making Brayden giggle.

 This is the part where we decided to buy him a sandbox with his giftcard.
 Special delivery for Cortni. ;)
 Cortni's and Patience's.

 I don't know how this picture happened but it's cool. 

 Unwrapping presents at our house after breakfast. :)

 (review for the rocket coming soon!)

 He loves the dino shoes and the slippers although they are too big for his right now he still wears them. LOL.

 His stocking. :)
 Grandma's house. Kristy made that skirt for Peppy. 

 My brother. :)

 One of his favorite toys that he got. :)

 Food at Mom's. 

 Amanda. :) 


  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Beautiful photos!

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like a fantastic Christmas. I must confess I'm SUPER jealous about the poolside thing haha, it's like -20 out here and there's snow and ice on the ground...ick.


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