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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random pictures from my FIL's house.

Rj and I went to his friends house last night (across the street). They were having a party. I didn't take any pictures. Reason: We played beer pong with Hunch Punch (Vodka, fruit and Hawaiian Punch). We won three games but they were close games so we practically drank all of our cups. Haha. We were SO drunk. My MIL watched Brayden. We went to sleep as soon as we got home at 10 something. Great night. :) 

Today, we went to my FIL's house for "Family Funday Sunday". They hang out every Sunday pretty much.

Brayden has been able to climb onto couches and his glider for months. He uses his stool to get on the chair. He can get on the couch because it's low. Today he was playing in the kitchen and he climbed up on the chair. He did it again at my FIL's house. :D It hasn't been taking him that long. He was distracted by the crying baby and kept looking around. LOL. He realized it didn't rock so he went to the other chair.

:D Rocking the chair by himself. He does that with his glider (hence why he falls asleep in it some times.)

 Horrible quality but cute picture. :/

Playing poker. Rj won. :)

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