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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday- Great day!

Today, Brayden and I hung out with Casey and Devonny. Then, we headed to my mom's house then, home. Gabby and Kylie came over again. Brayden and I had a lot of fun today. I did, however, discover that Brayden suddenly has a HUGE sharing problem. He wants everything that is in another baby's hand even if it's the same as his. I am trying to nip it as quick as possible. Then, Rj, Brayden and I went to Ruby Tuesday (Thank you, Mom and Jeannie for the gift card) because tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary but I work. Brayden was VERY grumpy so it wasn't perfect but oh well. Great day anyways. :)

 Devonny and Brayden. :)

 Oddly enough, I was talking to Casey during this picture about how Brayden can't climb up his slide yet and later you will get a surprise. ;)

 Casey was reading to them. :)
 Stuck in her Dora dollhouse. Ha.

 He loved that ball popper so much. We are definitely getting him one soon.

 Oh oh oh!

 Yay! First time ever. Usually you have to sit him there or he just whines and tries to walk down the slide. Oi.
 Gabby and Kylie!

 Omg. Kylie's face..

 After they left Brayden decided that getting his legs in front of him is too hard so now he will only go down the slide like she is in this picture. Haha.

Listening to Michael Jackson (Daddy's influence). 
He was super tired, obviously. Haha!

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