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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shrimp Fest 2012: slight disaster.

I imagined Shrimp Fest this year a lot differently than it went. I didn't eat or drink enough before we went. It was a long slow ride there because of traffic. We got there and parked. We started walking towards downtown and stopped by a convenience store to get drinks. We were picking out drinks and I started seeing spots. I sat down but it didn't help. Eventually my vision went black, I couldn't hear Rj talk and I started freaking out. Rj told me my face and lips were paper white. A worker at the store asked if he should get help. I said no then, he told me I could go in their cooler. Rj and him helped me walk there and I sat on a case of Bud Light for like 5 or so minutes. I was okay after that. It definitely helped and probably saved me from having to go to the hospital or something. I fainted once when I was pregnant with Brayden because I didn't eat enough. This time I tried but just wasn't hungry. I really need to make sure I eat.

Anyways, I felt better so we went to Shrimp Fest. We stayed in the shade, ate ice cream, sat down and hung out in the kid zone. Brayden loved the Arts and Crafts area. He still hates bounce houses though so we didn't bother with that. It was fun once we were hydrated though.

Oh and I cut Brayden's hair yesterday. He was MUCH cooler out in the heat than he would have been if I didn't cut it.

Before of Brayden's hair:

After of Brayden's hair:


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