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Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy tropical storm!

I live 3 miles from Florida and grew up there. We are no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. We have had some rain lately. That is why Brayden's 22 month update hasn't been made. I like to take his pictures outside. Well, I knew it rained all night. I went outside this morning and drained some of the water from his pool. It normally fills up when it rains. My dog tried to leave our yard and I turn the corner only to discover this: 

 That is my car. Our driveway is slanted and it still reached my tires. Others have shorter driveways. Their cars were sitting in water. 
 Part of the road.
 My yard and a culdesac.
 No more rain. At least, not yet..
 Max running through the water.

 The road. I walked to the middle and it was above my knees. Almost 2 feet of water. 
 Then, I heard "WEEEE!" and ran to my backyard. Brayden decided he was going swimming in his pjs.
I changed him into his swim trunks but those pictures will be in his 22 month update. ;) I really need to go to the store to get toilet paper but I'm afraid to leave. :/ We will have to survive on one roll. Lol.

A local radio station from Jacksonville posted these pictures:



  1. AMAZING! Happy you all stayed safe :)

  2. I know. I was baffled. Wow. The tropical storm everyone prepared for a few weeks ago was no where near this. It was windy then. We are safe. Hopefully we don't get any more rain!

  3. Thank you! The water went away then, flooded again this morning. :/


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