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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

27 weeks pregnant!

Last pregnancy they gave me the RhoGam shot because I had in the past due to a miscarriage with my ex. My ex's blood type is Pos and mine is Neg. This time I questioned why I had to take it last time and why I have to this time because Rj and I have the same blood type. We are both O Neg. I brought them his Blood Alliance card, they scanned it, the end... Or not.. Today, my doctor told me he highly recommends me getting it anyways. I told him why not and he said he would do his research. He called me a few hours after my appointment and told me I don't have to take it. He asked how I knew my husband's blood type. I told him that he gives blood and they have a scanned copy of his card in my file. Then, he asked if I am absolutely sure of the paternity. Haha. Wow. I couldn't help but laugh. Yes, doctor, I am sure. Sooo, I don't have to take the annoying shot now. Brayden heard Linc's heartbeat and boy, did he look confused. I can't wait to see my little boys together. :)

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