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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brayden is 2 years old!

Birth: 8 pounds 12 ounces and 22 inches
1 month old: 11 pounds and 23 inches
2 months old: 14 pounds and 24 1/2 inches
3 months old: 16 pounds and 25 1/2 inches
4 months old: 18 pounds and 26 inches
5 months old: 19 pounds and 27 inches
6 months old: 20 pounds 12 ounces and 28 inches
7 months old: 21 pounds and 28 inches
8 months old: 21 pounds and 29 inches
9 months old: 21 pounds and 29 3/4 inches
10 months old: 21 pounds and 30 inches
11 months old: 21 pounds 12 ounces and 30 inches
12 months old: 22 pounds 4 ounces and 30 inches
13 months old: 22 pounds 6 ounces and 30 1/2 inches
14 months old: 23 pounds 5 ounces and 30 1/2 inches
15 months old: 24 pounds and 30 3/4 inches
16 months old: 25 pounds and 31 inches
17 months old: 25 pounds and 31 1/2 inches
18 months old: 25 pounds and 31 3/4 inches
19 months old: 25 pounds and 32 inches
20 months old: 25 pounds and 32 1/2 inches
21 months old: 26 pounds and 33 inches
22 months old: 26 pounds and 33 inches
23 months old: 26 pounds and 33 1/4 inches
24 months old: 27 1/2 pounds and 34 inches

I am in absolute denial. I can not believe he was born TWO years ago. Wow. Growing up so fast. :(

He apparently hit a growth spurt this month. 2T pants almost fit him in the legs. Things are fitting him better in the waist, finally.

He has 18 teeth now.

His words are blowing up. He repeats like crazy. He is especially good with animal names. He knows over 20 animals. Some that he knows are cat (mow mow), cow (he calls them cows and knows they moo), snake (slithering/sssss noise), duck (any bird besides an owl is a duck), owl, dog (doggy/goddy), lion (ion), giraffe (raffe), horse (neighing noise), hippo (bippo/pippo), and alligator/crocodile (goggle). He also calls my mom, his grandma, "Goggle". He uses some full sentences. "I want go", "I want pool", "I at Goggles" and much more. He knows over 100 words.

Something big he has learned this month is jumping. He has always been able to jump beds/boingy surfaces. This month he can actually get up off the ground by himself. He jumps and screams when he's excited now. Haha. It's SO cute.

His separation anxiety towards me isn't so bad this month. He has been independent again.

WIC switched him to 2% milk. He seems to like it more than whole milk for some reason.

He was made to keep his diaper on this month. Each time he took it off I put it back on. Consistency was key.

He has been going to sleep earlier than last month but generally his sleep schedule is still messed up. He sleeps from like 10/11pm to 9/10am with no nap.

Now that Brayden is two years old I am going to do his updates either every 3 months or every 6. I'm not sure yet. I will probably every 3 though.

2 days old:
Omg, Lincoln is going to be so freaking cute, just like Brayden.

One year old:

Two years old:
Brayden's actual birthday party is Saturday but my mom/family brought over presents and gave him a couple presents we had for him. He's getting another present for his birthday on Saturday. :)

 Unwrapping one of his wooden puzzles. He liked it so much he didn't care about unwrapping everything else. Haha.

 It has doors and little magnets inside. Like the garage has a car magnet. He LOVES it.

 The place mat we got him. We also got him a coloring book and Puff the Magic Dragon book. :)

 Dancing. :)

 His nap mat my mom got him. He doesn't nap but he loves the mat. It's SO soft.


  1. Happy birthday to him! This age is SO much fun. You won't believe how much he'll change in the next 6 months!

  2. Thank you! Then, maybe I should update about him every three months. :)


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