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Thursday, September 20, 2012

33 weeks pregnant!

My MIL has become a landlord. She brought a 4 bedroom trailer close to my mom. It's cheaper than where we stay so when our lease is up October 31st then, we are moving there. Lincoln is due November 7th so that time is going to be super hectic. As soon as the people that stay in the place currently move out we are going to slowly start moving things so it's not too overwhelming. I will either be super pregnant or just had a baby. I will not be helping with moving, just packing/unpacking probably. So, Lincoln's nursery is on hold. I am just going to gather things for his room but not set them up. We got a good bit of disposable diapers at the shower. Now we just have to get more cloth diapers. Really, I need a ton more inserts. I use two inserts for Brayden so I have pocket diapers with no inserts in them.

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