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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Linc's baby shower

I had a lot of fun at the baby shower. My mom put a lot of effort into the shower. I'm so thankful for my mom and everything she has done/will do for me and my babies. I wish more people had come but oh well, I guess. I just find it really messed up when people say yes and don't show, especially when you go to all their parties/events. This is my last baby shower. We are only having two kids. I swear the next party I throw I am going to barely buy any food or anything then, people will show up and be out of luck. It's fine though. I am not going to dwell. I love my son, my future son and the rest of my family. They keep me going strong. Thank you so much to the ladies that came to the shower! I'm really glad you could make it and I had a lot of fun!

 He just learned the word cupcake so we heard a lot of "I like cupcake".

My mom's diaper cakes she made. "Like" her FB page here!
 Watching some Pocoyo while we played games. We played a word scrambled, a nursery rhyme game and more. They were awesome although I didn't do well. Haha. 
 How big is my stomach? ;)

 Running in a circle.
 Lots of diapers and wipes. :) Thank you, ladies!

 The game folders. :)
 Brayden's. :P

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