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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Some of our day yesterday!

Today we: went out to lunch, drove to Fernandina, played at the park, went downtown, had ice cream/candy, Brayden got hurt downtown, drove back to St. Marys, stopped to get pain meds/a toy for Brayden, stopped at a Blood Alliance bus because Rj gives blood whenever he can, then, stopped by my Father-In-Laws for the GA/FL game. We aren't sports fans but it was a fun party. The party pictures haven't been edited yet but the rest have. 

As for Brayden getting hurt downtown, we were sitting down eating ice cream. Brayden was looking at Halloween decorations in a window. He moved away from the window and a lady with a ton of stuff in her hand walked towards him. It happened SO fast we couldn't stop her. She knocked into him, tripping over him and practically trampling him. He hit his forehead on the rocky sidewalk where he previously had a huge bump/bruise. :/ It started bleeding. The lady apologized like a million times and got him some ice. Poor baby. He did NOT feel better for a while. He stayed grumpy for a long time and was passing out on the way home.  Rj kept having to talk to him. We stopped to get him pain medicine and got him some toy cars. Once we got to my FIL's house he was better until he got bowled over by a huge dog that was trying to play with him. Then, he was okay again. He didn't have the greatest day in that sense but he did have lots of fun today. I just felt terrible for him. Poor kid needs to quit getting hurt. :(

  I was laughing at something Brayden was doing.
 Rj was hiding.
 His "heyyyyy, no one is playing with me...." face.

 Koi fish downtown. He LOVED them, of  course.

I can not take him seriously when he makes this expression. Haha. Love it.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Busy days are fun. Except for when you get hurt, of course. I am sorry, but I am glad he was OK and it wasn't anything serious. He is sooo adorable, the last pic is very familiar to me. :))


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