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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Scarecrow Stroll

My city did a thing in downtown St. Marys on Tuesday called the Scarecrow Stroll. A couple days before that businesses created scarecrows to display downtown. So, on Tuesday kids got to dress up in costume and get candy. The businesses that made the scarecrows set up booths/tables by their scarecrows and passed out candy. It was fun and safe. We love taking Brayden Trick-or-Treating and will this year too but it's crazy some times. Last year there were teenagers Trick-or-Treating in front of us and they were running into us, in our way and etc. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Brayden was sleepy at first at the Scarecrow Stroll but he got happier. He had passed out on the way there. He was trying pound all the candy he got. HAHA.

 He didn't like that gummy skeleton. Haha. He bit it's head off and handed it to Kristy.

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