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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012!

We are back! We officially have internet. We haven't gotten the whole house organized and unpacked yet but we're trying. I am still pregnant (hit 40 weeks today). I will try my best to catch up on blog entries before Linc comes so I'm not overwhelmed afterwards. Here is our Halloween/Trick or Treating for this year. We went in my mom's neighborhood. There were about 6 or so houses participating. He got enough candy. We are going to go to more houses next year but this year was the perfect amount.

 He was watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween special before we left to go Trick or Treating.

 Checking out what candy he got at the first house. He didn't want the people to put the candy in his basket. He wanted to take it out of their hands and put it in himself. So independent. Haha.

 He got scared at this house. There was a guy standing there with candy. Another guy in a mask came out, pretended to choke him and accused him of "stealing" his candy. There was smoke/fog around them too. He was a little cautious at every house after that. Haha. Poor Kid.
 I can have these now?

The end! I hope everyone had a great Halloween this year!

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