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Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite photo Friday: bravery at the park!

Most of my readers don't know this but Brayden actually has fears. There a TON of pictures on our blog of him at various parks but he is never going down a slide or climbing up something. He wouldn't go down slides unless he was on someone's lap. He would climb up two rungs on a ladder then, immediately get back down. All of a sudden yesterday at the park he climbed all the way up a ladder and went down the biggest slide at the park. Then, he went down each slide like 20 times each. Rj and I were absolutely baffled. Suddenly he wasn't afraid at all. We are so proud of him! Also, he hates hats and he wore the hat his Aunt Kristy made him ALL day! He even asked me to wear it today and he wore it to my mom's.

 At Chili's. He ate lots of mac and cheese then, a lolli.
 PetCo. :)

 He got his butt wet on a slide. :X

 Brayden is also a nudist. Once he realized his pants were wet he took all of his clothes off. We left very shortly after this.
It was a great day!

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