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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday: Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres

I heard about Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres last year but honestly, I was like a million months pregnant and didn't want to go. Haha.

Conner's is an amazing place. What is it? Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres is a 5th & 6th generation working family farm. Their first goal is to put God first in everything they do and to treat people as they would want to be treated.

(Maze photo from their site.)

Their farm animals are raised as naturally as possible, and they are treated with love and kindness. The farm is home to over 100 farm animals, (cows, calves, goats, ducks, chickens, chicks, rabbits, pigs, peacocks, pea hens and beautiful hypo-allergenic Curly horses. All of their animals are allowed to range on beautiful green pastures and are not shut up in pens except their rabbits for their own protection. Their chickens are allowed to roam freely over the yard and outside areas except for the two months we are open in the fall for their protection. After the general public are gone, they let them out to roam freely again until night fall. The chickens put themselves up at night and they close the doors behind them for protection.

Most of their crops are heirloom varieties and they do not plant GMO seeds. Their crops are grown in the ground and hydroponically. They include strawberries, herbs and vegetables and are grown without the use of pesticides. The herbicides they use are natural products or products organically approved. The garden they plant in the ground consist of mostly field corn and sweet corn. They open their garden to the general public by appointment only because we are busy running the farm and to ensure that there will be adequate produce available. In the fall they plant a corn maze and for about 7 weeks, open their farm for field trips, groups, and the general public to enjoy a day on the farm. They have over 100 acres of farm land for children and parents alike to enjoy.

I loved their story and their website so I was really excited to go. The admission was a little pricey to me but no more than our zoo (though we have passes so we don't pay). They had a park, food, games, a maze, a pumpkin patch, a corn box (like a sand box) and MUCH more. Plus they had live activities like rabbit chasing. It was a really fun environment!

 Of course the park was the first thing that caught Brayden's attention.

 He absolutely loved the cow train. He rode it three times.

 Baby pigs.

 Great prices on the pumpkins! We got two little ones and a medium sized one for $5. Brayden wasn't super interested in picking one though. He just wanted to play in the dirt. O_o Gah, boys..

 Corn box!

 Ugh, babies. They try to eat everything.

Trying to eat it..

Brayden had SO MUCH fun! Next year if we still live here we will definitely go early and stay for a lot longer. We may be moving to South Carolina. If so, we may still come on a visit to Googa (my mom) and take a family trip to Conner's. :)

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