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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Robin Costume DIY! (baby, toddler, kids)

This is a super easy and quick tutorial.  

I found this red muscle shirt at Goodwill for $1. I wanted sleeveless specifically because I wanted this to be no sew. The felt is from Michael's craft store. I actually used two yellows because I decided to make a cape. It was 22 cents per piece of felt.

I cut out a 4 yellow rectangles to go down the center, a yellow "R" and a black circle big enough to cover the emblem. I then, hot glued all the pieces on.

Then, for the cape I took a whole piece of yellow felt, took two long strips cut from the piece of yellow I cut the "R" out of and glued them onto the top of the yellow piece of felt.

Thant's it! Pair it with a green shirt or onesie and over green pants if you have them. I didn't and couldn't find them anywhere. Afterwards I found black pants with a green stripe that I think will look better that I am going to use for Halloween.

Pardon the food in his mouth. ;)

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