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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pulling my hair out over potty training. AHHHHHHH!

Brayden turned three a few months ago (August 21st). I wanted to finally start the potty training process, for real. I have tried to a few times before but honestly, there wasn't enough consistency. Also, it didn't help that he seemed pretty afraid of his potty. I got him a potty chart. One day he tore it off the wall. Then, he took all the stickers for the chart and covered his whole body in them. He took apart his potty every time it was near him. He put stuff IN the potty. He didn't care at all if he peed on the floor or in underwear. Pull ups are just like diapers so, those are pointless. I tried bribery with little toys/candy. Nope, didn't work. He would poop on the floor, PUT it in the potty and want treats. Ugh. Heck, for MONTHS he would even say "if I pee pee and poo poo in the potty I get a toy" with a huge smile on his face.

At that point I decided he was just not ready. I fully believe a child will not potty train if they are not ready to.

Around his birthday I wanted to try and be CONSISTENT this time. I just took his diapers away and kept putting underwear on him or letting him be naked. He would request diapers and still does. At least once a day he cries "I need a biaper. It's my favorite." We tell him that diapers are for babies (like Lincoln). We tell him that big boys and big girls (like Mommy and Daddy) wear underwear and use the potty. He loves being referred to as a big boy. Usually that will calm the "I need a biaper" fit.

The first day we started potty training he peed and pooped in the little potty. I never thought I would be so excited about pee and poop. We switched to the real potty because he didn't like the potty. However, from that point it's been a roller coaster. He just does NOT care. He often poops or pees in his underwear. He also often will have accidents on the way to the potty. If you ask him "Brayden, do you NEED to pee?" He responses "I don't want to pee" and a few minutes later, pee on the floor. Ugh. Some times he will go but mostly, it seems like he doesn't care.

I wish mine was one of those "easy" potty training kids. Apparently not. :( We're at three months of trying and he is no more potty trained than he was then.

Advice? Does anyone have a toddler like this?


  1. Wait. There's no time table. Some kids its more of an emotional thing. My oldest will be four in a couple of months. He pees at home fine. Its poop thats the issue. It also didnt help that we moved to another country.

    Trust me. He won't be in diapers when he goes to the prom.

  2. Thank you! I just feel pressure by many people to have him potty trained by now. I just read where someone asked what age kids were when they were potty trained and most said three and a half.

  3. Thanks for the info. Reading the experiences of other parents is very beneficial to someone potty training their child.

    Lori Goodman

  4. You're welcome! It's an extreme work in progress.


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