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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tips to having a clutter-free Pinterest!

You know when you want to cook something and you KNOW you have the recipe pinned onto your Pinterest? You look and look and then, look some more. Jeez, didn't know you had this many pins? Me either! It's so easy to get caught up and just pin everything. I ended up with 10,000+ pins. Yes, you read that correctly.

Recently I decided, that is just NOT productive. The pointless pins that just get in my way had to go! I had things pinned from over a year ago that didn't even get a second glance. Ridiculous.

These are just some of the tips that will help you have a clutter-free and organized Pinterest account. 

My folders were jam packed. I had a dinner/lunch folders with over 700 pins. I'm a stickler for easier recipes. As much as I LOVE spending two+ hours PREPPING ingredients for a recipe, some recipes just are not realistic to my life. I have on many occasions pinned recipes that I would never actually make. Then, why the heck did I pin it? I'm a wishful thinker, I guess. If you have the time and ability to follow like 25+ steps then, more power to you. Not this girl. I deleted the impossible recipes. Besides, why did I think I needed hundreds of dessert recipes? I don't entertain nor do we ever really have dessert.

If you pin a lot of certain things (Ie: recipes, fashion, decor, etc.) then, categories are a great idea. I used to have ONE "dinner/lunch" folder. Wow, awful idea. I could never find anything and each item was mixed up. The first I did was make different dinner folders. So, when I want to look for a chicken recipe I can just go to the chicken folder. Most of my recipes are for chicken so, I changed the "dinner/lunch" folder to "Dinner: Chicken". What a pain to transfer ALL of it out. Then, I moved all the pins that didn't get deleted to their own folders: "Dinner: Beef", "Dinner: Seafood" and etc. You could do this with other things too, like "Decor: Master bedroom", "Decor: Kids room", etc. I did the same thing with Style. I had a "fashion/hair/make up" folder. 800+ pins. No way.

After that was done I went through every other folder and delete everything that just was not realistic. I deleted gift ideas that I would never make/buy, decor that just doesn't fit my house, and even OLD pins. Old meaning they just don't fit my life anymore. I have a folder each for Brayden and Lincoln. There were tons of pins about 6 month olds/infant days, past birthday party ideas, potty training, etc. Stuff that just isn't relevant to us anymore.

Even though within the past year Pinterest has developed a prompt that tells you when you have already pinned something I still had plenty of repeats on my boards.

I spent days going through my pins. Even if you do a little at a time it's better than leaving it, cluttered.

SO, to sum things up: 
  • Not EVER going to make it or do it? DELETE IT or DON'T PIN IT.
  • Before you pin NEW things ask yourself "will I make this, will I buy this, is it relevant to me"
  • Organize pins into categories if you have a ton of a certain thing.
  • Delete dated/old pins that no longer apply to you.
  • Look at the links the site goes too. Sometimes you are pinning the same exact thing with different pictures.
  • Also, if it's a recipe/tutorial make sure the link actually goes to that recipe. Sometimes it will just go to the general blog/site.

I now have under 6,000 pins. That's over 4,000 less!  Check out my page and feel free to follow me. Still a lot of pins but MUCH easier to keep track of. It's so easy to look for stuff now. It's made actually cooking my pinned recipes much easier. Love my organized boards!

Any other tips? I would love to know some of your ways to keep your Pinterest organized!

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