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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kid's activity: DIY striped artwork!

Our house really doesn't have much on the walls. We needed to change that so, here we are. I have always wanted to do DIY art but honestly, I am not an artist. I am far too judgmental with myself on art work. So, I have seen some tutorials online where people paint a canvas, tape it then, paint again. Only after, Brayden painted his canvas did I decide to do stripes. I originally planned on doing chevron. I still might with mine that I painted. Anyways, here's Brayden's artwork and how we did it!

What you need:
canvas (I bought mine in a 6 pack at Walmart)
acrylic paint
painter's tape (I used Frog tape with paint blok and it bled so, it's up to you which type you use)

 He tends to smear everything together so, I helped him a little. I also added in some yellow after to cover a little of the canvas that was still showing.

I let it dry for a day before I painted the stripes. 

 I left a big space then, made smaller spaces each time. Then, left the middle exposed. I wanted different size stripes. I worked from the outside in. I wanted to have a lot of the art showing but the stripes to add more interest. 

The paint bled a little but I still love it. I hung it in the boy's playroom.

If you do this! Link me! I want to see!

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