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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: Our first organic fruit/veggie basket!

Firstly, GUESS WHAT!?! On our blog posts you can click on ANY photo and post it to Pinterest! So excited! I squealed out loud when I got the code to work. :D

Anyways, onto our snapshots! Thursday we got our first organic fruit and veggie co-op. It's $35 for a mixed basket.  

I try to buy organic produce in the grocery store but I feel it's extremely pricey. So, I end up only buying the things I feel SHOULD be bought organic. I heard about organic bags of fruit and veggies. I not only thought it was a good idea because it's organic but also, it's easy! I don't have to stand in the grocery store and pick out a ton of food. I can figure out how to use new and different fruit/veggies. The ones we have eaten so far are better tasting than grocery stores.   

This week's basket was: Granny Smith apples 3 pound bag, banana 1 bunch, tangerines 5 count
green beans 1 pound, eggplant 1 count, broccoli 1 bunch, romaine lettuce 1 bunch. Then, I choose three more from a list and I chose sweet potatoes 3 pounds, blueberry 6 oz., and blackberry 6 oz.

Brayden was really excited about the fruit and veggies. He kept pulling them out and telling me what they were.  

In case you're wondering, I live in Saint Marys, Georgia, close to Jacksonville, Florida and the Co-op is Green Olive Co-Op. I will be posting more when we get baskets. Better pictures, next time! I think we are going to get one every Thursday. Plus it gives us an excuse to go to the park since that's where the pick up is. :)

Ni Hao Yall
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