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Thursday, May 29, 2014


This is my first time linking up to "currently". I love reading when other people post them. I always feel like I wouldn't know what to say. Well, here goes nothing!

feeling, questioning, longing, watching, moving

I am currently feeling stressed but thankful. Bills bills bills. So many due soon. I feel like we've barely had any money for months. My Jeep broke down and was thankfully fixed after days of borrowing other people's cars. I am very thankful that I have so many people that can help me when something goes wrong. 

I am currently questioning how I going to make this house run better and cleaner. I'm not used to working 6 days a week I need better systems in place, that's for sure. I think I honestly just need to get rid of all this clutter. We have WAY too much stuff.

We are currently longing for Sunday! I have been working 6 days a week for a few weeks now. Brayden has been talking about going to the zoo for like a month. Poor kid. We used to go a couple times a week. My car was broken down and we couldn't this past Sunday like we wanted to. We went to the pool instead. 

Brayden is currently watching Disney Jr. Dish Network pretty recently got it so that's what they have been watching. I'm pretty thankful for it because for a while he was on a Spongebob kick. It's been mostly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that he wants to watch. It also entertains Lincoln a little. Spongebob didn't at all. Brayden sings all the songs loud and it's so cute.

We are currently moving no where yet. We did just see the house we used to live in yesterday. We are moving back in there in January. It was awful and disgusting when we lived there. It was just old and really needed work. My mother in law and her husband have been working on it. It's looks amazing so far! So excited. Brayden got upset because his bed wasn't there and his playroom was different. 

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