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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Polyvore: Boys fashion vol 1: Spider-man

Yesterday, we bought Brayden some new shoes. They are the exact ones pictured below that are $20 at Target but we got them for $15 at Bealls Outlet. He has about 4 of these canvas flat type shoes. They are so easy for him to put on himself and SOOO cute. Brayden also has those exact pants from Old Navy. I got them on sale for $10 a few months ago. I like to buy him skinny jeans because he is small. Anything else he looks like he's drowning. He has pretty long legs but he's skinny. He is 40 inches tall and 33 pounds. I really want the Spiderman shirt from Old Navy. I'm absolutely going to look for it. I have been trying to dabble in fashion on my blog. I've always wanted to use Polyvore and finally gave in! I will be sharing many more of my fashion inspirations on here.

(Just click the middle to pin it. Click read more to look at where the items are from.)

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