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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My thoughts on "big" birthday parties and possibly not having them.

We have always had "big" birthday parties for Brayden and Lincoln. Let's face it, they weren't that big. I would spend a ton of time planning. I feel like we spent a ton of money on invites, food, decorations, gift bags, etc and practically no one shows up. It's so much pressure. At Lincoln's 1st birthday party there was ONE kid besides Brayden. I know he was just one and didn't notice but it's upsetting to me. He did have a lot of family there so, that was good. I'm getting discouraged. It may be easier once the boys get in school to invite kids but this year we may just skip it. I have some ideas that will possibly take place of future "big" birthday parties.

I feel like Brayden and Lincoln would have been fine with just cake and seeing some of their family. I think I would rather just show our son's an amazing time on their birthday. Make them feel special and happy like they should on their birthday without completely stressing us out.

Alternatives to traditional "big" kid's parties:

  • Birthday traditions! Wake them up to their favorite breakfast. Make them funfetti pancakes (pancake with sprinkles) and maybe some whipped cream. ;)
  • Fill their bedroom with balloons! *A bag is like 96 cents at Walmart. Just blow them up and put them all over. 
  • Take them out for the whole day and do whatever your kid wants to do. For example: beach, Chuck E Cheese, mini golf, water park, zoo, etc.
  • Take them out to eat their favorite food or make them their favorite food at home.
  • Invite family over for cake and presents.
  • Take them shopping to pick out their own birthday presents/toys.
  • Sit down and just talk to your kids. Play with them. Let them unleash their imaginations and play along with them. 

Do you have any party alternatives or traditions? Tell us in the comments! We would love to read them!

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  1. I hear you! As long as we have cupcakes and sing the song and blow out candles, it's a birthday! :D We seem to do every other year. 1st bday was kinda big, 2nd birthday just us and the cupcakes, 3rd was a "big" party, but I think only two people besides family came. I think for 4th, we'll just ask some friends if they want to meet at the zoo, and if they don't, no big deal, it can be just us as a family, and that's perfectly fine and fun!

    Oh, I also like to tell him the story of his birth on his birthday and why it, and he, are so special to me.

    1. That sounds like a great idea! Thank you so much for your comment!


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