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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brayden says: Vol 1

Brayden has never been SUPER vocal. He always only really talked if he wanted something. At almost four it's still hard trying to get him to answer questions or respond to stuff. He keeps to himself. He has a HUGE imagination though. He builds houses with pillow doors at the end tables and couch, rivers out of a line of toys, and so much more. He says some pretty funny things and I thought I would share some of the things he's said.

Brayden: Can I have these cookies, pity please? (It's a box of margarine with a picture of cookies on the box.)
Me: Oh baby, that is not cookies. It's a box of butter.
Brayden: Butter cookies?
Me: No, just butter. (Opens box to show him.)
Brayden: I don't like this at all.


Brayden pried my nose up and said "I can see your boogers!" Then, he pushes up his nose and says "I have some too. See?"


I was changing out of my work shirt. I had an outline of my undershirt down my side.

Brayden: What's that?
Me: A line.
Brayden: No, it's a crack! Watch out! It's gonna pop!


Brayden: Peppy wants to eat my cereal.. We need to go to the store and buy some dog cereal.


Brayden: I need dizzy.
Me: Dizzy? What's dizzy?
Brayden: Dizzy! It has my Mickey Mouse. We've got ears, say cheers!
Me: OHHHHH. Disney! How do you know the channel name?
Brayden just laughs.


Brayden: Can I go to the Toy Story store? I can watch all the Toy Story movies and play with Toy Story toys! (If only they had a store like that. Haha.)


What are about your kids? Tell me some of the funny things they've said in the comments!

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