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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brayden starting Pre-K: My fears

Brayden will be starting Pre-K August 5th at Childtime where I work. I have many fears and apprehensions as well as hope for change in Brayden a little.

Brayden is smart, funny, imaginative but he is also stubborn, emotional, is struggling on potty training, and hates sharing. I'm not afraid of the first part at all. He will fit right in with the way the other 4 years old are. He will play along, I'm sure.

Brayden is only a good listener when he wants to be but he's not SUPER vocal. It's hard sometimes to get him to express how he feels without crying. He gets upset and cries over a dime dropping on the floor.

He wants EVERYTHING Lincoln is playing with but he doesn't want to actually play with any of it. He is very possessive.

Brayden is PERFECT at peeing in the potty. He is scared to sit on it to poop and I have tried everything. I can't seem to get through to him. He thinks he will fall in. He even has a little seat to go on the potty to make it smaller. I am SO AFRAID my kid is going to poop on the floor in Pre-K. I don't think that is a normal fear at all for a parent. Thanks, Brayden.... :|

I'm also weary because of his age. He will be three when he starts until August 21st. Many of the kids he will be in school with have been four for MANY months. They are more expressive, better communicators and know more, I'm afraid.

Lastly, I work at the school he is going to and I know some of the kids that will be in his class and I am nervous about that too. There are some handfuls that will be in his class and I'm not quite sure how they will mesh with him.

I'm just so fearful of so many bad things happening but I'm sure a lot of good will come from this too. I think preschool will make him more independent. I know his teachers do NOT let them misbehave. They have back to back activities for the kids and they stay occupied. We will have to see how he does. I'm a nervous wreck and will definitely cry. :(

I'm curious. How has preschool or school in general helped your kids? Have you seen and improvement in this behavior?

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