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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Discovering Brayden may be autistic.

Brayden is turning four next Thursday. Since Brayden was little he would line things up, cans, toys, etc. He hates his things being messed up. He builds "towns" everywhere. He is emotional. He reacts strongly to things. He has many fears. He talks but not full on conversations normally. He's a little hard to understand for people that aren't used to his speech. He is VERY smart. He knew all of his body parts before two, ABC's by sight, colors, shapes, counting, by three, and some adding and some subtracting by age four.

Brayden's teachers think there may be something about him that's a little different. He has really eaten anything in the nine days being there, he doesn't talk like the other kids or as much. He's slightly OCD and not willing to share things. They think he may be autistic. I have had quite a few people suggest this to me. I've always denied it. I've always been scared. Well, now he's going to be evaluated.

I was given a thick packet to fill out. They need to know his family history, his past milestones and more. He wasn't delayed on things such as sitting up, two words phrases, crawling, etc. As far as family history his aunt has always had speech impediments, his uncle didn't really talk until he was five or older.

This whole thing makes me really sad. I cried a lot at work yesterday. I feel like he will be an outcast. I feel like he will be treated differently. I'm afraid he will realize he's not like them. I want him with his peers. I want him to learn with them and from them. I know I have to stand up for him. I have to get him evaluated and take it from there. I think if he is autistic he is on the high functioning end. I'm so nervous.

He is sweet, loving, smart and an amazing little boy. I know it will be good to finally know. I will keep you all updated. I'm turning in the paperwork Monday.

I would love to hear from my readers some resources or even your experiences with children with some form of autism. 
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